Legionar Battle Rulebook




Legionar Battle –Terms and conditions

Legionar Battle is a sport event organized by Športno društvo Legionar.

To participate in any stage of Legionar Battle terms & conditions of the competition have to be accepted.

By participating in the Legionar Battle you accept the terms & conditions of the competition, privacy policy and waiver.

Legionar Battle will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Študentski Kampus – 28th of September 2019. 



Requirements for participation, age classes

Participant has to be full aged or authorized by the parents.

Participant has to accept the terms & conditions, privacy policy and waiver.

Participant has to register within the given time on the website www.legionar.si and pay the qualifiers participation fee (10€ early bird and 15 € individuals, bank or paypall fee included)

The Organizer offers the following age groups: Legionar Men (18 y.o. – 33 y.o.)

Legionar Women (18 y.o. – 33 y.o.) Elite Legionar Men (18 y.o. – 33 y.o.)

Elite Legionar Women (18 y.o. – 33 y.o.) Legionar Masters Men (34 y.o. -) Legionar Master Women (34 y.o. -)



Online Qualifiers

Registration for the online qualifiers will open on August 26th 12:00 CET and registration will close at 23:59 CET on Sunday 8th of September 2018.

No late entries will be accepted.

The online qualifiers will run from the 26th of August to the 8th of September 2019. One qualifiers workout will determine the best athletes. Qualifications workouts schedule is:

– WOD 1 from 26.08.2019. 12:00 CET to 8.9.2019. 23:59 CET.

– WOD 2 from 26.08.2019. 12:00 CET to 8.9.2019. 23:59 CET.

The top athletes (10 Legionar Men, 10 Legionar Women, 10 Legionar Masters Men, 10 Legionar Masters Women, 10 Elite Legionar Men, 10 Elite Legionar Women) after the qualifiers will advance to the Legionar Battle Finals.

Descriptions for online competition workouts will be provided online. Descriptions will contain relevant workout criteria, like:

prescribed exercises including start and end position. As well as

forbidden execution, technique or equipment,

prescribed number of repetitions or repetition scheme and/or time,

prescribed equipment (if necessary). Rowing has to be done on a Concept2 rowing machine with a PM3 or PM4 or PM5,

prescribed weight in kilograms (if necessary). If the athlete uses lbs-weights athlete has to convert in kilograms (1 lbs = 0,450 kg),

time limit.

In order to validate your scores and qualify yourself to the Finals, you need to videotape every qualification workout.

To be valid, the video must include your name, the equipment and the loads used to train and to perform the score (time/reps).

It is your responsibility to place the camera well enough for us to validate the movement standards.

Your video will be judged according to the movement standards as following:

Good (no “bad repetition” or “bad repetitions” that are not recorded in the athletes score).

Valid-Minor Penalty (1 to 4 bad repetitions) results in subtracting 1 to 4 reps from score.

Valid-Major Penalty (more than 5 bad repetitions) results in subtracting 15 percent of total reps.

Invalid (you are not following the movement standards, the camera is misplaced, violation of the workout format, miscounting of the repetitions): your score will not be valid in this case.

The athlete will be informed ASAP to have the chance to repeat the workout (if there is still time before the deadline).

It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to ensure the submission of the video as early as possible in order to make a new attempt if the score isn’t valid the first time.

Organizer has the right to demand a video for any reason, without needing to specify it.

The athlete has 48 hours to submit the video to the organizer after having being asked (countdown starts when the organizer has sent out the email).

If the video is not submitted in time, the score will be deleted without any possible recourse.



Scoring system

Scoring of each workout of Legionar Battle is based on fastest time, most repetitions or highest weight and will be shown on the website.

Every incorrect or invalid repetition according to standards will be judged as a no-rep.

If the workout is based on fastest time, the ranking will go from fastest to slowest time in which the entire workout is finished.

If the workout is based on highest number of repetitions, the ranking goes from highest to lowest number of repetitions. If the workout is based on highest weight, the ranking goes from highest to lowest weight.

Ranking follows the following system: athlete who is placed first gets zero point, second gets four, third gets eight, fourth will get 10 points, fifth will get 12 points, etc..

The athlete who has the lowest sum of points after qualification workouts is first, the one with the second lowest sum of points is second etc.

Every athlete is responsible for upholding the standards.

At the finals, judges nominated by the organizer will approve the athletes performance. Submission of scores in the online competition is based on honor and honesty.

On top of that, the organizer has the right to demand video for any reason, without needing to specify it.

Final result of the online qualification will be determined by the organizer following the rules of ranking mentioned previously.




The finals will take place in Študentski Kampus Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 28th of September 2019.

Athletes who will get an invitation to the finals will have 5 days time to accept the invitation by logging on to their athlete profile on www.legionar.si and paying the registration fee of 35€ for all categories.

If the athlete does not respond within the deadline, his spot will no longer be valid.

In this case – and if the athlete does not want or is not able to take part – the organizer has the right to nominate the next athlete of the same gender and age class in line in the ranking.

On finals’ days, athletes have to complete several workouts.

Location, time and information about the workouts will be communicated latest with the invitation to the finals.



Scoring of the finals

Winners will be determined by a process of elimination which is based on the workouts at finals.

There will be two qualification rounds, a semi-final and a final round.

Details will be published latest after the invitation of final participants.

Each workout will be judged by an official judge who will check all criteria regarding workout and ranking.

Each athlete and/or his/her coach has to sign the scoring card. A signed scoring card is valid and cannot be contested. Decisions of judges are final and binding.

Points will be assigned following the same procedure as in the qualification.

The athlete with the best performance will get 0 point, second best will get 4 points, third get 8 points, fourth will get 10 points, fifth will get 12 points, etc.. Ranking will consider the sum of points – the athlete with the lowest sum is first, second lowest is second etc..

There will be 1 cut during the finals in Scaled and Master competition after 3 workouts.

In Elite there will be two cuts, first after workout no.2 on Saturday ( best 8M/F advance to Semi Final) and second after Semi Final workout ( best 4 M/F advance to Final).

In case of a tie between 2 athletes the following procedure will be used:

organizer will consider points from qualification – better placed athlete moves on if the scores are still equal, the older athlete will move on if there is still a tie, athletes have to complete another workout to be defined by the organizer, better athlete moves on.

In case of a tie in the final round among the first three places, the organizer will consider the scores of the finals’ days. The athlete who won more workouts will be placed better than the other athlete(s).

If there are still equal scores, prizes will be divided amongst the athletes with the same score. If this is not possible, the winner will be chosen by lottery.




Current prize money


Legionar category (M/F)

Prize from our sponsors

Legionar Masters category (M/F)

1st 225 €                                                                2nd 100€                3rd 50€


Elite Legionar category (M/F)

1st 225€                                                                                       2nd 100€                3rd 50€


TOTAL 1500 €


Winners and podium holders in all categories will also receive additional vouchers, gifts and prizes from our partners and sponsors.





Acceptance of publishing and transmission of data/videos/personal rights, third parties and copyright


To verify scores, the organizer has the right to ask for videos of your workout.


Please share the videos on Youtube, run by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA („YouTube“). After upload the video, sen us the ling of the video on our email: info@legionar.si


Additionally we will produce or we will charge someone with producing videos and photos on the finals’ days at the venue.


With your participation you accept production, publication, editing and distribution of those videos/photos according to following clauses:


You accept that we are allowed to take videos/photos of you at the final days. We are allowed to upload and publish to public those videos/photos and videos you transfered to us on our website and Youtube, run by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA („YouTube“). Additionally you accept that we are allowed to hand those videos/photos on to our partners/sponsors


(list on our website https://www.legionar.si).


Partners/sponsors are allowed to upload and publish to public to promote Legionar Battle and their support.


Your acceptance covers screenshots and cutouts of videos.


We are allowed to use photos on our website www.legionar.si and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/legionar


We are allowed to edit, modify and forward photos to our partners/supporters (see bullet point a) .

You allow us to duplicate and broadcast videos and photos (and parts of them) by using digital storage and retrieval media – regardless technical equipment including all digital or interactive systems (eg CD-ROM, CD-I, e-book and other electronic publishings);


the right to publish in other ways of duplication and broadcasting of photos, eg in calendars, in particular for digital, photomechanical or similar methods


(eg (digital) photocopy);


the right to archive videos and photos alone or in combination with the work or other works and usage or editing of video and photos in a physical or non-physical way, collect in collections and/or data banks and give access to third parties to videos and photos in any way (eg. online services);


the right to edit/deform or charge someone to edit/deform videos and photos all or part with using all analog, digital or other methods, in particular the right to change, enhance and combine with other works, determine titles, digitize video or photos, add texts to videos or photos regardless content, add interactive elements, in particular add hyperlinks plus analyze edited version respecting limitation of admitted rights;


the right to use video and photos for copies, broadcast or other play backs including internet all or part respecting admitted rights for advertisement for publisher or third parties including their products – with or without payment.



If you transfer videos to us in which other persons are visible you declare that you have their approval (underage person approval of parent or legal guardian) for making, publishing and forwarding according to clause 1 and that their personal rights are not offended. Contravention will lead to deletion and to exclusion from competition. Enforcement of other requirements remain hereof unaffected.


Acceptance is effective worldwide and with no time limit.